David Vs All The Goliaths

David vs all the Goliaths


I’m speaking of King David, of course. But I (regular David) have had my share of Goliaths to deal with.

On a recent trip to Israel, I stood on the very site King David himself stood and had his biblical battle with the giant.

It was a dream of mine to visit this site. I envisioned what it might look like and I was blown away seeing that it looked exactly as I’d always pictured.

I was so moved by the experience and the energy of the history that surrounded It was my last stop on my trip and I took the moment to take it all in.

The story of David and Goliath is one we’re all familiar with and is used as a metaphor across so many platforms in our lives. In sports, education, politics, and in business.

Against all odds, with little means of protection, armed with very little…the little guy defeats the big guy.

But as I stood there among the stone and ruins (some of which were only uncovered by archeologists 30 years ago) I was reminded of some lesser-known pieces of the biblical tale.

Did you know the King refused to wear the armor offered to him and, despite all Insistence declined to carry a sword to this battle? He felt he’d be encumbered by the weight of them, and went only with his slingshot to fight this powerful adversary.




In our modern-day businesses, we often feel the pressure to do things the way others do.  To run our business the ‘right’ way as opposed to what might be the ‘best’ way for our own business.

Sometimes, we do feel encumbered by the myriad suggestions or the insistences of outside forces and we lose sight of what makes the most sense for ourselves.

I do my best to fight against those forces and rather find the strengths and advantages I gain from being my truest self. And I believe that separates me from the proverbial pack.

I hope you too can find the kind of power you gain from your individuality and a strong sense of self.

Defeating giants is no simple task. King David got off a perfect shot with that little, smooth stone.  That took focus, practice, confidence, and a little bit of luck. 

There is no shortage of giants in the business world that we are all competing with.

Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Tesla…The list goes on and on.

It’s easy to see how a small company might feel helpless, trying to compete with such Goliaths.  

So what do you do?  Give in? Give up?

Or do you take a lesson from King David?

Ignore the voices telling you that you can’t achieve your dreams.  That includes the voice inside you that causes doubt or rationalizes you out of putting in the work that you know you’re capable of doing.

If you think about it, Goliath doesn’t always mean the giant (companies) that you feel might be standing in your way.  

Goliath, to me, is the giant I place in my own way.  

I know that I can face my giant, unencumbered by negative thinking. Armed only with what I have at my disposal at any given moment.

And I believe I, like King David, will walk away successful and victorious. And I know that you can do the same.

To your success, 



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