Listicles of the Best Products in a Niche

Listicles get a bad reputation, but they’re not all clickbait content. Well-written listicles provide tactical value to problem-aware buyers and improve search engine optimization with unique traffic.

Whether it’s a wearable baby carrier or locally-sourced honey, niche products attract customers who are looking for solutions to a particular problem. These people tend to have higher price points, but they’re also more loyal shoppers.

Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement products, the focus is often on interior decorations and furniture. However, there are many practical and functional items that can simplify house chores or make bigger improvements easier too. These products also serve a purpose, making them an evergreen niche that can sell year round and make dropshippers profit. Security cameras are a necessity for many homes and come in a variety of sizes. Grout brushes are handy for cleaning tiles and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This makes them a good product for selling online. Drills are another popular item in this niche.


Creating a niche can be intimidating for new handmade business owners. Choosing the right product category and niche can have a significant impact on your sales. The most profitable niches are based on passion, feature, and pain point. These can be combined to create a unique product that stands out from the competition. For example, a wooden toy for kids that helps them learn colors is a great way to incorporate all three elements.

Another option is to focus on a specific purpose. For instance, a wallet that organizes receipts or a lotion that evens out skin tone can both fill a specific need in the market. It’s important to note that niching down may decrease the number of potential customers you can reach, but it’s usually more effective than aiming for a broad target audience.

Many people enjoy a good drink, so creating handmade alcohol products can be a lucrative hobby. Crafters can make unique wine bottles, glassware, and even bar accessories. These can be sold for a premium price. Alternatively, they can be used as giveaways for special events. A good place to start is by identifying popular brands in the alcohol market and determining whether they have an affiliate program.

Other DIY products include home furniture and decor. These products are not widely available at stores, making them good dropshipping options for online sellers. These products also have a wide appeal among buyers, as they can be customized to suit a person’s preferences and budget.

Home gyms and workout equipment are also popular products on the market. These items are great dropshipping options for Amazon, as they can be customized to suit the customer’s needs and tastes. Moreover, the market for these products is growing as more and more people work from home or spend time at home.

Another profitable market is jewelry. Handmade jewelry is a great way to show off your skills and creativity. You can also sell unique jewelry boxes and bags to help your customers store their jewelry safely. Another great idea is to make souvenirs that remind people of a particular time or location. This is a good niche that can be launched with minimal investment as you can use inexpensive beads to make your jewelry.


Fashion is one of the most popular categories in online shopping, and there are plenty of opportunities to find great niche products. These include footwear, apparel, and accessories. Shoes and accessories are a particularly good choice because they are easy to ship, and they often cost less than clothing. They also tend to be on demand, which means that you can always find a buyer for them.

Finding your niche in the fashion industry starts with aligning your passions and skills with current trends. This way, you can attract customers who share your interests and build relationships with them. For example, if you love vintage clothing, consider opening a boutique that sells unique styles from different eras. This is a great way to make money and support the fashion community.

Choosing a fashion niche also sends a clear message to your customers about what your company stands for. Many fashion designers start out trying to do it all, but this can confuse their customers and cause them to forget about them. For example, if you specialize in sarongs, customers will think of your brand as “the sarong lady” and know where to go when they need one.

Fashion niches also have the advantage of being easy to advertise. Most of these products have large communities on social media, so you can reach a huge audience with your ads. In addition, they are a great opportunity to upsell and cross-sell items. For example, you can sell shoes with a matching dress or hat, or a pair of sunglasses with a tee or sweater.

Moreover, the products in this niche are easy to ship and are not likely to damage during transit. This makes them a great choice for dropshipping, especially for newcomers to the ecommerce industry. Finally, fashion products are not cheap, but they can be competitively priced if you choose the right supplier and source them from the best manufacturers in your country. If you are unsure which product to sell in your fashion store, consider looking at market reports and sales data to see what is selling well.


When it comes to lifestyle marketing, brands that create real traction and a true cut-through do not rely solely on broad demographic information. They focus on a niche target market’s ideals and everyday interests, as well as their values and attitudes. For example, Apple has built a huge brand on promoting the idea that its products are high-end, trendy, and tech-savvy.

Homeworkers, stay-at-home moms, and people with flexible jobs have a different spending pattern than those who work in an office or commute daily. They invest their disposable income into the activities they like to do in their free time. This includes shopping for lifestyle products that enhance the quality of their lives. For instance, drop shippers who sell home gym equipment can benefit from this trend.

Lingerie is another lifestyle product that sells well. Lingerie stores in malls can carry a limited selection of clothing and accessories, but an online store can provide much more variety. It’s also easier to find lingerie that’s customized for a specific body type, color, or fit.

In addition to lingerie, lifestyle products that are popular include home decor items like candles and planters, and e-cigarettes. They also include fitness gear like yoga mats and workout shoes, as well as kitchen appliances like crock pots and blenders.

The best way to identify the right lifestyle products to sell is to get really creative and think outside the box. If your target market is book lovers, for example, you could organize them into neat dewey decimal categories or even curate a special collection of t-shirts that feature certain authors and genres. This kind of targeted approach works because it provides a sense of belonging and community for your customers.